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An e-mail newsletter is one of the most resourceful mediums to stay in touch with clients or followers. At SEO Content Lab, we are constantly looking for new avenues of marketing and communication that have been overlooked or underused. However, we also make it a point to find use for technology that may seem to be redundant, but is actually has untapped potential that we simply overlook. Today almost everybody checks their email at least twice a day. This is a zone where you have your customer all to yourself with minimal distractions. If you have something to give, this is the place where you need to put it on display.

From time to time, you will have occasions where you need to reach out to your existing or potential client base to keep them updated on new products and services, sales deals, and upcoming events. Even if you take the scenario where you have a relatively small customer base, it is not viable to call them on the phone and keep them informed on such information. This would involve the utilization of a sizable portion of your workforce and the wastage of time. Updating your blog or social media streams with such information could also be another option; however, this does not have a personal “punch.” In such scenarios, we at SEO Content Lab do not consider email to be an outdated proposition. It is just an underrated resource that you need to exploit to the fullest. With email, you can get detailed feedback on how your client has responded to your newsletter. You get to know the message has reached the client and can determine what all areas of the message the client was interested in when he/she clicks on the links. This kind of feedback is unavailable in any other medium.

With the experience of years of implementing successful marketing campaigns on the web, we at SEO Content Lab design HTML Newsletter campaigns that can give your business the exposure it needs in the most cost effective manner. With a highly skilled and experienced task force at our disposal, we design newsletters that are modeled to make your clients sit up and notice what you have to offer to them. to click through to your website where they can learn more about your products and services. Our HTML newsletters are great resources to redirect traffic to your website and provide enhanced conversion rates.

At SEO Content Lab, we test our HTML Newsletter templates on all major email clients to ensure there are no glitches involved in viewing your content. The layout is designed to ensure that it can be viewed on any kind of user interface, from a computer monitor, tablet computers, or any other mobile devices. We also take steps to ensure that your newsletter not end up in the SPAM folder, rendering all the painstaking work behind designing the newsletter to waste.

Contact us today for attractive deals on our HTML Newsletter services today and realize the full potential of your online marketing campaign in a cost effective and result oriented manner.

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